Saturday, March 14, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

Being home is so good. After a few weeks spent time at hostel, now i can feel the freedom at my own place. Speedy wifi, big bed (for sure not double decker), air-cond, tv and so on... Enjoy it while you can! ;)

Alhamdulillah I've started my studies in Bachelor in IT since few weeks ago. Tbh, degree is much more challenging than diploma studies in every side. After all, I don't think being a diploma student makes me feels degree is easier. It just I already have the basic things in this field... But the subjects still hard to score and need more practice to understand it better. 

So far, I still can "hadam" all those new things... I also feel so happy because I can transfer for about 28 credits subject from my diploma result. At least, it will lessen the burden in my mind. :D

I hope i can get through this new lifestyle. I can achieve my dream and I can do better than during Diploma! in sya Allah :)


Miiss Tara said...

All the best Eddy! be tough and study smart.. proud of you <3

Adrina Razali said...

Lots of love Babe! Tq insyaAllah :)