Saturday, August 8, 2015


Holla. I am coming back! 
Since it takes me forever to filter my posts one by one so i decide to open this blogger again. But before that i reverted all the previous post as draft. Kind of 'sayang' to delete those memories so that why i didn't do it. Still, i have to do something with it as i don't want people to judge me thru my past as well. I really didn't live in my past anymore. Everything's changed. Life, love, school, friends and even myself. 

So let's start again! :)
Hi, i'm Adrina. Annoying, clumsy, childish and specky girl (should be lady). A twenty-one Adrina who is studying technology and alien languages (programming language) at the most unpopular university in Malaysia. I don't have spouse for sure cause i study alien languages and it's complicated! Hahahaha


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Miiss Tara said...

Always be your silent reader.. oops.